Airstream trailers representing thirteen different states,

gathered together at

A Painted View Ranch

in Westcliffe, Colorado

In addition to the traditional activities at the Rockin' Wally B Ranch - we did some things
a little different
for our thirteenth RMVAC Rally. 

But, before the attendees arrive, A Painted View Ranch had to be
 transformed into the Rockin' Wally-B Ranch!

Before there can be a RMVAC rally...there has to be a tent!
Somebody has to arrive early to be there when it's being set-up...Thanks Chris & Jim!

With the tent set-up and the RMVAC Planning Committee's trailers in place...the committee gets to work!

There are Rally Bags to be filled...
Tables to be set...

Maybe even take in a quick cat-nap before the festivities begin!

If you plan it, they will come...and come they did, 63 strong!

Finally, there are the trailers to be parked! 

Before you know it...everybody is settled in and ready to rally...


With a Painted View!

In the evening, everybody began to gather in the tent to enjoy the traditional
happy hour and "Chili Dump" dinner mixer

AIways a great time to catch up with old friends and make some new ones!

Mornings were kicked off with a hearty breakfast at
Ralph's Grill - the wonderful Painted View Ranch Patio and outdoor kitchen!

There is a sizable Amish Community in Westcliffe that graciously cooked us breakfast
to get the day off to a good start!
  Pancakes, oatmeal, bacon, fresh homegrown eggs and fruit...

(We were later told, the Amish families that catered our meals cut back on their breakfast portions for awhile,
to save up enough eggs to share with us!  Must have been some busy chickens...we numbered about 140!)

Polly & Gretchen lit the morning fire...

and early-bird Fred prepped the coffee

was ready to be served...

...nobody left hungry!

Breakfast was followed by Tech Talks in the Tent with Luke...

But most of the time, attendees were free to come & go as they pleased...

To go sightseeing along the beautiful country roads,
through the seemingly endless and majestic San Luis valley,
surounded by the Sangre Cristo and San Juan mountains. 

Vistas flanking you on all sides...

Of course, there's always enough time for kicking back at your trailer during Open House,

or this year, taking in some tunes
at the

High Mountain Hay Fever Bluegrass Festival

An annual event that quadruples the population of Westcliffe
for a weekend each summer

There was some great toe-tapping entertainment and an upbeat casual atmosphere

Rockin' Wally-B Rally Site from the Bluegrass Festival Tent about 3 miles away

Sunset from the Bluegrass Festival site...

And when the day comes to an end...

There was always a chair waiting for you back at the Ranch during Happy Hour - your
"home base" to gather and share your daily tales

The only damper was the last day when a forest fire broke out several miles away. 
It did change some travel plans with detours towards home...

but it also made for a beautiful sunset!

Home is where you park it!

Here's hoping you'll park it with us in August 2018!

Until next simply, travel safe
& keep the shiny side up!

The 2016 RMVAC Rally was once again
a huge success thanks to the many great
Vintage Airstream Club members in attendance! 

Thanks to all for your continued support!

The 2016 RMVAC Rally Planning Committee

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Photo Contributions by Rhonda Cooper