Seventy-two Airstream trailers representing twelve states, arranged in Wally style circles,
dry camped at the fairgrounds in Gunnison, Colorado creating the Rockin’ Wally B Ranch.
Promising to return after taking a year off in 2011, the twelve member committee
created a rally around the theme,

“They're Good, They're Bad and They're Vintage”
with t-shirts, posters and movie night
reflecting the 60’s theme.

The fairground setting is a preferred location for the committee, but it does present its own challenges
—this year the daily cattle drive happened right past the trailers, moving the yearlings from pasture to
the rodeo arena each day.

The Rocky Mountain rally is known for trailer restoration and maintenance talks,
a chili dump dinner, open house, Donnarita beverages, swap meet, happy hour gatherings
under the big tent, plus time in the schedule to gather around the trailers swapping stories or
explore the area.

Rockin’ Wally B Ranch night with Airstreamers dressed in their finest cowboy outfit or prettiest
cowgirl dress including boots of all colors were treated to an Italian catered dinner keeping with the Spaghetti Western theme. Besides the western dress, rally attendees were asked to wear a mustache
to get served and attendees embraced the fun. The committee will be meeting soon and we will let you know our plans for the next Rocky Mountain Rally.

Excerpt from the September 2012 VAC Newsletter
Written by Rhonda Cooper