2nd Annual Rocky Mountain Vintage Rally

Estes Park, Colorado

August 7-11, 2002

"Honeymoon in the Rockies"

(...with 60 of your VAC friends)

Camp-site1    Main Street zoom

We capped off another successful Rocky Mountain Rally at Blue Arrow/Elk Meadow RV Park in Estes Park. The rains visited us only the first day, a welcome relief from the heat and drought. This year our numbers swelled to 26 Airstreams registered for the Rally, with a few more camped nearby. Either it is the lack of oxygen, or we tend to attract a freer spirited bunch to the Rocky Mountain Rally. This year was even more bizarre than last.

Serro Scottie 60    Vintage 46 Chevy PU

The Rally began with a preview of VAC'ers in Denver’s Rocky Mountain News, featuring the Davis’ Globetrotter, “Maxwell”, and the interest in restoring vintage Airstreams. This helped bring out other vintage Airstream owners who didn’t know about our active club. In addition to the 26 attending Airstreams, another 13+ stopped by to learn more about VAC and view all of us having so much fun. A ’60 Serro Scottie with ’46 Chevy pickup also joined the fray.


After last years taste test of Gosar Organic sausage, Kris and Jill Gosar offered to host a Saturday BBQ, complete with their finest offerings. But before we get to that, one week before the Rally, Kris and Jill were married, with their Airstream. Believe it or not, they still planned to attend the RM rally…for their honeymoon: thus, this year’s title.

Reed,Ken and Molly    Suppers ready

Our attendees included prior veterans plus VAC heavies Bonnie and Bob Herman from Florida (but on the road since April) and Tom and Corinne Reed from California, giving us the distinction of being a coast-to coast Rally. In addition, Ben and Molly Butterworth from Missouri attended their first WBCCI/VAC rally with their beautifully restored 71 Sovereign. Also, Chris and Cheryl Fahler pulled from Indiana with their 73 Overlander. Ken and Molly Reed treated us with their 53 Bubble, as did Heidi Snow and Ted Thomas with their 61 Bambi. The list goes on, refer to the table below for all the attendees.


Many contributed to the Rally’s success, including Jodi and John Guerin for the wonderful T shirts and morning coffee, Fred Coldwell for the Wally Byam Caravan DVD showings (you have to buy this DVD and watch the Capetown to Cairo Caravan; this has to be the toughest rally ever), New Belgium Brewing for the keg of Fat Tire Ale, Roger Hightower for photo assistance, the Gosars for the wonderful Saturday BBQ, and Luke Bernander for Fire truck rides. Speaking of Luke, Cool Hand Luke, he dazzled us with his parking prowess, by backing his Caravel and Teardrop trailers, both connected in tandem to the 1960 Ford American Fire Apparatus Truck.


I recently acquired a 73 Sovereign for $1, which served as the Rally HQ, because it has a big awning and tacky lights. I was curious about using Ammonia to strip the peeling clear coat so tried a patch. Sure enough, it bubbled up and wiped off. It also worked on Huizinga’s 73 Tradewind, but not on Davis’ 64 GT, nor the Hightowers’ 75 and 76 Sovereigns. Interestingly, the Jay Guerins’ ’99 Safari was peeling all by itself. Thor Industries should be ashamed of this and make the correction.

Reed model    

Saturday we opened our Vintage treasurers to the public and had many visitors. Besides the wonderful variety, the differences were stunning, even among same year models. Tom Reed also displayed his beautiful model Airstream. Not even Franklin Mint modelscome close to this. Note the photos.


Back to Saturday’s BBQ. Kris Gosar demonstrated his Wally Byam look alike from the neck up, and below the neck how to dress in the dark. Witness the photos.


Anyway the food was a feast. A high point was Bonnie Herman and harpsichord serenading us to special songs and showing she can still hit the high notes. Bob Herman taught us how to say “Y’all”. When the sun set, out came glow sticks from the Gosar wedding. Everyone sprouted glowing necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and whatever: glowing collars for Potters cat, Guerin’s dog, Rob Davis’ hat and pink flamingos, etc. It seemed fitting to be watching Vincent Price narrating a WB caravan in the dark with glowing VACers watching (see video). After it was all over, I walked alone through the BBQ site noting the war zone appearance from the feast, glowing rings among the trash and the sound of distant coyotes calling to each other up in RMNP. A final scene captured the spirit of the Rally: glowing rings hung around the tail lights of Guerin’s Caravel.


So, for next year, we plan to increase our attendance even further. I suspect there will be more wackiness. We are considering another location. Also, we will probably be officially organizing the Rocky Mountain/Great Plains/Deserts VAC Group, and sponsor additional Rally-ettes, so stay tuned.

Randy Unter
2002 Wagon Master
Region VAC 11 Representative

McLaughlin 1994 Sovereign

McLaughlin,Scott, Joan

Scott & Joan McLaughlin & Lisa Sundquist

Gosar 1950 Fying Cloud

Kris & Jill Gosar

Fahler 1971 Overlander

Chris & Cheryl Fahler

Guerin 1965 Caravel

Guerin,Tucker & Sheppard

Tucker & Sheppard Guerin (Mom & Dad - John & Jodi, 
are off making coffee for everyone)

Bob & Bonni Herman's 1964 Globetrotter

Bob & Bonni Herman

Hightower 1976 Sovereign


Bob & Bertie Hightower

Hightower '75 Sovereign

Roger & Leslie Hightower

Huizinga 73 Tradewind
Huizinga 1973 Tradewind


Dan & Pat Huizinga

Kubic 66 Caravel
Kubic 1966 Caravel

Joe & Pat Kubic

Lees new 63 GT

Tschida 1968 Globetrotter


Don & Judy Lees

Maddox-Davies Overlander
Maddox-Davies 1966 Overlander


Curtis Maddox & Mimi Davies

Phelps 1976 Sovereign

Phelps,John and Birddog

John Phelps & Birddog

Jere & Jane Potter


Heidi & Ted Thomas

Reed 63 Tradewind

Reed 1963 Tradwind

Tom & Corrine Reed

Reed,4 in a Bubble

4 in a Bubble

Ken & Molly Reed

Scott 74Tradewind

Scott 1974 Tradewind

Mike & Clare Scott

Shearer 1972 Argosy


Deak Shearer


DeCarolis Argosy

Serro Scottie 60-2

1960 Serro Scottie

Unter 1966 Overlander

Unter,Randy&Sally Rob

Randy Unter, Sally & Spencer Robertson

Butterworth 71 Sovereign

Butterworth 1971 Sovereign

Butterworth,Ben & Molly

Ben & Molly Butterworth

Fred Coldwell & 1964 Globetrotter


Luke Bernander & Donna Thomas
(Paula Bernander holding Jack Russel)

Davis,Maxwell-64 GT
Davis 1964 Globetrotter

Rob & Shari Davis

Ben, Louie and Mike



Luke Bernander brings the cake

Guerin Sr's Safari
Jay and Cherie Guerin 1999 Safari

Roger Hightower & Abby

Lees 2001 Excella (for comparison)

Main Street

Vintage Mustang

'64 Mustang - Isn't this the same color of many '60's Aistream Bathrooms?

Reed 63 TW

Another shot of Tom & Corrine Reed's 1963 Tradewind


Vintage Caddie
Vintage Caddy at the Open House

Special thanks to:

Guerin's Coal Creek Coffee Company

New Belgium Brewery (www.newbelgium.com)

click "on the road" for their Airstream

Bernander, Luke/Donna Thomas & Bridget Fort Collins 65 Caravel 17
Butterworth, Ben and Molly Valley Park, MO 71 Sovereign 31
Coldwell, Fred Denver, CO 64 Globetrotter 19
Davies,Mimi/Maddox, Curtis Denver 66 Overlander 26
Davis, Rob and Shari Denver, CO 64 Globetrotter 19
DeCarolis, Louie Lakewood, CO Argosy 20
Fahler, Chris and Cheryl Planfield, IN 71 Overlander 26
Gosar, Kris and Jill Monte Vista, CO 50 Flying Cloud 21
Guerin, Jay and Cherie Cheyenne, WY 99 Safari 27
Guerin, Jodi and John, Tucker & Sheppard Laramie, WY 65 Caravel 17
Herman, Bob and Bonnie Brooksville, FL 64 Globetrotter 19
Hightower, Bob and Bertie Chandler, AZ 76 Sovereign 31
Hightower, Roger and Leslie Mesa, AZ 75 Sovereign 31
Huizinga, Dan and Pat Golden, CO 73 Tradewind 25
Kubic, Joe and Pat Amherst,OH 66 Caravel 17
Lees, Don & Judy Lyons, CO 63 Globetrotter, 01 Excella 19/30
Phelps, John Fredericksburg, TX 76 Sovereign 31
Potter, Jere and Jane Fort Collins, CO 66 Globetrotter 19
Reed, Ken and Molly Boise,ID 57 Bubble 16
Reed, Tom and Corinne Corona, CA 63 Tradewind 24
Scott, Mike and Clare Lafayette, CO 74 Tradewind 25
Snow, Heidi/Ted Thomas Denver, CO 61 Bambi 16
Unter, Randy; Robertson, Sally & Spencer Lakewood, CO 66 Overlander, 73 Sovereign 26/31